Give her a ‘pad’ on the back: Empowering young women in rural areas one pad at a time

While half the population of the world bleeds on a monthly basis, it isn’t fair that a few have to resort to old clothes and rags to manage being a woman. It isn’t fair how a few daughters have to stay home for 3 to 5 days every month, missing school (if they’re lucky enough to go to one), just because they are unaware of how to properly navigate the cycles of nature. And it’s simply not fair how young girls are subject to diseases and health problems because they don’t have the proper knowledge or material to deal with such a routine phenomenon. Those of us who do must be grateful to have access to feminine care products so easily and have vital knowledge at our fingertips. But I believe the best way to show gratitude is to pay it forward.

By working together with organisations like IRA, who manufacture pads that are completely organic and sustainable, you would be joining hands with a team committed to reducing the knowledge gap among rural girls and funding their basic feminine hygiene needs. Every time you purchase their sanitary napkins you are ensuring that an underprivileged woman has a manageable and healthy period. 5% of the company’s profits made will go directly to helping impoverished families. IRA was formed with a dedication toward increasing awareness and knowledge about periods and decreasing the negative environmental impact of conventional sanitary napkins. Every time you purchase a sanitary pad box, IRA ensures that a woman who doesn’t have access to her necessities is provided with one box too. Making the conscious decision to opt for products like these is not only advantageous for your well-being, but is also uplifting a disempowered woman and destigmatising a basic phenomenon of female physiology. What’s better than helping two people with one personal choice of yours?

The empowerment of women now also lies in the simple deed of the purchase of a box of sanitary napkins and the ripple effect it has. By choosing these products you are choosing the enablement of women across different communities. You are breaking down barriers, promoting education & awareness and ensuring a future where women can unlock their full potential while also making sure that she and her family have a green earth to live in to make her achievements possible. Come on now then! Let’s create a brighter and more inclusive future!

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